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How do you get Showtime with AT&T U-verse ?

How do you get Showtime with AT&T U-verse ?

Showtime is an American top quality cable and satellite television community that serves as the flagship services of the Showtime Networks subsidiary of CBS Corporation, which also owns sister solutions The Film Channel and Flix. Showtime's programming mainly includes theatrically launched motion photos and original television series, along with boxing and mixed martial arts matches, occasional stand-up comedy specials and made-for-TV films.

AT&T is the first provider to offer Television subscribers acceHow do you get Showtime with AT&T U-versess to Showtime Networks' Television Everywhere website, ShowtimeAnytime.com, which hosts about 400 hours of authentic sequence, movies and other programming.

SHOWTIME ANYTIME will not only enhance SHOWTIME subscribers' experience, but also complement their existing viewing habits. Research shows that top quality subscribers time shift more than the average consumer. For most SHOWTIME series, almost half of the weekly viewing takes place via DVR or On Demand.

AT&T U-verse offers top quality coupons and discounts for monthly subscription services at an additional cost in both standard-definition and HD. These include movie channel networks like Show Time. The U-verse U300 lineup includes some of these film channels.AT&T U-verse Television subscribers have been able to log in to ShowtimeAnytime.com. Showtime Anytime, a website that features around 400 hours of streaming program content available in standard or high definition that is accessible to subscribers from the Showtime television services. Content available on the services includes Showtime original programming, feature movies, comedy specials, documentaries and sports programming.

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Showtime HD is a high definition simulcast feed of Showtime that broadcasts in the 1080i resolution format. In addition to its main channel, Showtime also operates high definition simulcast feeds of six of its seven multiplex channels (Showtime Family Zone remains the only Showtime multiplex channel that continues to broadcast exclusively in standard definition), although few providers offer any of the multiplex channels in HD and most mainly carry just the high definition feed from the primary Showtime channel. Showtime HD is currently available nationally through AT&T U-verse.

Does your U-verse subscription come with SHOWTIME? There is a showtime app for roku that you can activate if you have showtime on U-verse which would allow you to watch live broadcasts of showtime programs as well as any other showtime content on demand.

Subscribers to AT&T's U-verse internet television service now have the ability to watch more than 100 live channels on their iOS devices from inside their home or more than 20 channels when outside their home, the business announced. AT&T says the services expansion is designed to enable "customers to watch Tv on their terms when and where they want it." CBS's Showtime is among the options available. AT&T promises more live channels will be added "on an ongoing basis."

U-verse's On Demand services lets you watch films, network programming and special events on demand either by pay-per-view or free. All of the premium film channels have on-demand movies available to channel specific-subscribers. For example, U-verse Showtime subscribers can watch select Showtime films on demand, but not HBO films unless they have that channel as well. Free on-demand choices include behind-the-scenes reports of films and community shows. Special-events for order include mixed martial arts events, boxing matches and concerts.

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite channel's programming online or on the go? How about access to bonus features or behind-the-scenes extras? Now you can, and it's easier than ever. Free and Top quality web-based channel apps include Showtime. Your U-verse subscription provides you with access to Showtime Anytime. Just log in to your AT&T Home community. Select AT&T U-verse as your provider. You only have to do this the first time; afterward, the site will recognize your computer. You'll be automatically logged in to the site.

If you experience a problem logging in on your smartphone or other mobile device, contact AT&T Customer Care for assistance.

Just follow the instructions and get started watching Showtime Anytime online or on the go.

Get unlimited on-demand access to every season of award-winning showtime Authentic Sequence like homeland, shameless and Ray Donovan, star-studded hit films, groundbreaking documentaries, hilarious comedy specials and action-packed sports including championship boxing events - all commercial-free. Stream all new episodes when they premiere or catch up on past seasons, plus watch classic showtime Original Series like Dexter and Weeds. And, new titles will be added regularly so there will always be something great to watch. You can also watch what's currently airing live on showtime, and easily switch between the showtime East and showtime West channels

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Which Dell Computer Is Best For Small Business

Which Dell Computer Is Best For Small BusinessFinding an excellent deal on Dell computers for work is serious business. After all, you require something that's durable, safe, lighting and effective dell dealsand may last through a lengthy workday. With the countless available options, it may difficult to find an ideal a single. Thankfully for you personally, we have currently found the ten best company laptop computers that will obtain the function done.

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The easy-to-use configuration from Dell allows you to customized-build the right desktop or notebook personal computer for your small business. The listed below information explains and will help you choose the important components that very best fit your needs.

What's the best notebook? The very best notebook is definitely the Dell XPS 13. The Dell XPS 13 9343 holds being a glowing beacon of wish on the planet of House windows laptops, a compact notebook that outdoes the most obvious competitors in some important values like display screen high quality and close to-border less show.

The XPS 13 is a silly portable notebook that doesn't compromise performance, which makes it our favorite thin-and-lighting function notebook on the market. Thanks to razor-slim bezels round the show, Dell managed to cram a 13-inch display screen right into a device that's about the dimensions of an average 11-inch laptop. The 2.7-lb. laptop is also superlight and provides an epic 12 hrs of battery life.

The Dell XPS 13 has been the preferred laptop, since it mixed a attractive, lighting and thin style with outstanding life of the battery in a good cost, during the last calendar year. For the latest version, Dell tweaked that successful blend by adding a 6th-era Intel Skylake processor, Thunderbolt 3 dock and a higher-capacity battery. The up-to-date XPS 13 is faster than ever before and, in spite of a step backward in life of the battery, will last almost 12 hours on a charge. This remains one of the best ultra portable laptops on the market.

A bit of believed on the nature of the specific work should stage you towards the perfect laptop. Spending a little bit more for more energy or abilities now could save you headaches in the future. The additional worth of an extended warranty (some company laptops include three years), specific tech assistance, along with a more rugged frame (prepared by the mineral magnesium alloy) are among the extra benefits you might get with a business laptop. You'll want to opt for a notebook with discrete graphics in case your job is graphics-intense. When choosing a processor, you'll have to find the right balance among power as well as effectiveness, and in choosing a battery power, you'll have to choose between its capacity and body weight. When you determine the best functions to meet your needs, you are able to focus on just these laptop computers that include them. You can view all dell deals directly here

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Is It Possible to Install Mac OS X On A DELL Laptop and If It Is Then How?

Is It Possible to Install Mac OS X On A DELL Laptop and If It Is Then How?

Theoretically it is feasible. Developers out there have formulated an OSX syndication called OSx86, which is a edition of OSX which has been hacked to work on low-local (non-Apple) equipment.dell

Although as few said before, one should do some research to obtain all the hardware backed up by the OS. This is because these distributions continue to be in development stage & quite hardware specific. But once completed, House windows holds no place close to it. You need a quicker machine for optimal performance.

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In case you wish to boot Legacy House windows from primary HDD (simply because let's face it, Dell have made it to be pretty hard to use UEFI Windows with all the cold issues brought on by their proprietary software program whilst using a UEFI installation) and you have a caddy in place of your Digital video disc drive with a disk you want to dedicate to booting OSX simply put you can't do that automatically BIOS means as caddy will not be bootable. You can only ensure it is bootable being a UEFI medium there is the reason why this guide was even assembled. Also I should mention that booting Legacy Windows from UEFI Clover is a huge no go with Tiano firmware, so don't expect that. The only way to access Legacy House windows would be to either use F12 and choosing Hard Drive or leaving Clover.

Now go on and download Clover bootloader that you will want , also get coupons for Dell business products here


1.You have to have a memory stick prepped with UEFI Clover (no need to get ready it in certain weird way, just copy the files into it). Just structure the flashdrive to FAT32 and put the items in "UEFI Clover Universal serial bus" onto it.

N.B. Be sure to rename EFI/CLOVER/config-17 or config-14 (depending on the computer design) to simply config.plist, EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched-17 and patched-14 to just patched correspondingly! Be Careful if you have Carbonite backups installed to make sure you re run the client progam , TIP get offer codes and deals for carbonite backups if you dont have the program here.

2.You need a second memory stick as well as an access to a genuine Apple inc personal computer (or a VM) that is capable of doing obtaining Macintosh AppStore to be able to download the totally free Mavericks set up app. Then, utilizing DiskMakerX program you must make a bootable OSX push.

Make sure partition map is GPT, even though 3.When that's done use UEFI Clover USB drive to boot your OSX partition and medium your HDD in the DVD caddy as you desire. You may then install OSX to that target disk when you are at it. Cellular phone process is generally subdivided into 2 stages.