Thursday, March 10, 2016

PowerEdge Should You Buy It ?

PowerEdge Should You Buy It ?

Despite all the hype around the benefits of a converged infrastructure, the market for standalone servers remains strong with Dell one of the contenders for top spot with its PowerEdge family of tower, rack-mount and blade server platforms.

Now in its thirteenth generation, many of the models have been uprated tPowerEdgeo take advantage of the latest Haswell-based Intel Xeon v3 processors, including the new PowerEdge R730 which has sockets to take two from the Haswell-based Xeon E5-2600 line-up. It also boasts DDR4 memory and a range of flexible storage options to suit everything from general purpose file and print duties, through email, web and database hosting to providing a highly scalable server consolidation and VDI platform.

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In order to properly determine what kind of server you should purchase you would need to have a specific purpose and environment you plan to use it for and setup in. For example, if you plan on setting up the server in an office or enclosed space then getting a T-series server (tower series) would be best as they keep noise to a minimum when compared to their rack mount counterparts. However, if you have the rack space to use a rack server and you don’t need to worry about noise from it then I would suggest looking into using their R-series servers as they are much more space savvy and just as reliable if kept in proper conditions. Finally the purpose of the server will help determine what model server you should be looking at. For instance, if you wanted to get a network server with storage space then the new Dell PowerEdge R720xd would be right up your alley with high storage capacity and remote capabilities (be sure you have the right iDrac for what you may need). If you’re still looking for the server please post some information regarding purpose and environment for implementation so I can better provide information.

Take advantage of the PowerEdge 6850’s modular chassis, which provides ease of serviceability through tool-less access to internal hardware, hot-plug hard drives, PCI Express slots, redundant power supplies and more, allowing you to replace components on the fly without having to bring down the entire server.

ServerMonkey offers the Dell PowerEdge 6850 in a variety of options to suit your organizations’ specific needs. Since ServerMonkey offers complete hardware customization, you can configure your unit to meet your price and processing specifications, or simply select a preconfigured unit from the list above.

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